July 1, 2008

3 new mel scripts


Use this script to transfer uv infromation from one object to any number of duplicates. objects must have the same point order. Select the targets first, select the source object last. Type lcTransferAttr to run.


This script performs an important cleanup operation on geometry that is mirrored using -1 scaling. After scaling an object, if you freeze the transforms, a funny thing happens, the 'opposite' attribute will be activated so that even though the surface normals are flipped, the object displays correctly. It would be better to set the display attributes correctly and flip the normals to their proper orientation. This script flips the normals and adjusts the attributes of objects with the 'opposite' attribute activated. Select your geometry, type lcFixNormals to run.


Select an object, enter a name and press 'Make it' to run. creates a shader and corresponding shading network on the selected object setup for displacement mapping. also creates and assigns corresponding Approximation Nodes.


  1. icFixNormals(); <- has no comment input

    Thanks for the Coding, works great.
    I would add that after running the code.
    The poly is shaded black and selections
    do not appear on the poly. (It is selected just blacked out)
    Run: Normals-> Set to Face Normals
    to get the normal viewport textures back.
    Thanks Again...

  2. Strange, because the last thing the script does is run a polySetToFaceNormal command.