July 1, 2008

Mental Ray Batch Bake

Updated Here

This utility gives an easy to use interface for mental rays texture baking abilites - bake shaders, lighting, shadows to a texture file.

You can create a bake set with a custom name, and it will be assigned to the currently selected objects.

bake sets from the current scene will be listed in the 'Sets' list. You can assign more objects to the set or select the objects currently in the set.

to view the set and its objects in more detail open the Outliner, select a set and check its attributes in the Attribute Editor to set resolution and file type.

Bake Camera is only neccessary in certain situations and can be left alone or set to the rendering camera

Bake Shadows is neccessary for shadows or Ambient Occlussion

File Output Directory: by default goes to the current project in 'Project'/renderData/mentalray/lightMap

specify your own directory such as D:/textures
(make sure you use forward slashes '/')
this directory must have a folder 'lightMap' already created. So the full path would be D:/textures/lightMap

Big Bake It button executes the render, be aware it can take some time.

If there is a problem with the interface, sets dont show up in the list, Reset the interface with the 'Reset' button.

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