December 5, 2009


Download: lcNextGenShader_1.2.fx

Update includes the following changes/additions:

A skin style SSS approximation for soft skin rendering, and a gloss map input for changing the size/shape of the specular highlight, also the cube map reflections can be blurred based on specular glossiness. Extra – you can now choose to use Valve’s half lambert diffuse style instead of the standard lambert mode.

useHalfLambert – use Valve’s half lambert diffuse shading model – wraps light around forms more for a softer look, useful for backlighting situations

sssWeight - the overall intensity of the SSS effect

sssBack - Color of the SSS edge bleed effect

sssRadius - how far across the surface the SSS effect will bleed

useGlossMap - use a gloss map texture yes/no

glossBlurWeight - the overall amount of blurring to the env cube map reflections - 0 turns off the blurring effect

glossBlurMax - the specular glossiness value after which no blurring will happen - usefull for tweaking the blur amount based on your spec glossiness value

glossMap - the gloss map texture (darker values dont work very well here - black turn off specularity)

Thanks goes to Joel Styles – inspiration for the sss function - reading over your hlsl code makes for good learning

December 2, 2009

CG Bootcamp

Interested in Tutorials? I contribute many of the tutorials at – we cover all kinds of topics in the 3D world – check it out.