March 12, 2010

lcRTShaderTools.mel v1.2

This script makes it easier to interact with HLSL and CGFX shaders in Maya.  It performs shader naming, creation/sourcing, light linking, and other helpful tasks.

This update adds light rig scaling – depending on how a hlsl or cgfx shader is coded, scaling your lights can result in incorrect lighting.  The ‘Light Rig Scale’ attribute moves the lights and scales their locator handles to give the visual impression of a ‘scale’ operation.  (you can Ctrl+MiddleClick and horizontal drag this box to interactively scale).

Known Issues:
CGFX and HLSL shaders will only work with this script if their light position/direction and light color attributes are named properly in the shader file.
Convention: light attribute names should be as follows - 'light1Dir' or 'light1Pos' and 'light1Color'
ambient color/light attribute on the shader should be – 'ambientColor'

Download: (includes shelf icon)


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