July 8, 2010

lcNextGenShader_1.4.5.fx – Maya HLSL realtime shader

Note: Even with this update I still recommend my lcUberShader.cgfx over this; cgfx seems a bit more stable than hlsl in the Maya viewport and cgfx shaders can be rendered through the hardware render buffer too!

I noticed that the old lcNextGenShader_1.2.fx was getting alot of hits even with updated versions and the better cgfx shader available. So i decided to update it and make it easier to maintain.

Pretty much I took the code from my lcUberShader_1.4.cgfx and transplanted it into an HLSL shader. Its missing some things from the cgfx version, lit-sphere shading, toon-ramp shading and the skin shader are removed. They where not working and I don’t think its currently worth the effort to get them working. Everything else is identical to the cgfx version and is a robust general use shader. This OLD post gives some example images from the cgfx version - blog.leocov.com/2010/03/lcubershader12cgfx.html

I’m currently investigating cross compatibility with 3dsMax – so stay tuned Max users.


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