August 26, 2010

lcMrBatchBake.mel – Mental Ray for Maya Texture and Vertex Baking

Download - Updated – 08/27/2010
Script: lcMrBatchBake.mel
Icon: icon_lcMrBatchBake lcMrBatchBake.bmp

NOTE: Apparently this script doesn't work on the Mac, I don't have one to test with so you guys are out of luck sorry.'

Now you have the option to bake vertex color as well as texture maps.  This is great for baking ambient occlusion to vertices for game models.  I also consolidated and simplified a lot of the code. Plus now its colorful!


  1. Hi sir!I put your mel into the maya2011,but it didn't show the interface. I didn't know what the problem is ?

  2. if you're on the Mac, then I don't think this script will work. Otherwise, did you copy the script to your scripts directory and type in the command to run the script? It doesn't do anything automatically - lcMrBatchBake;

  3. It's crashing 2011 =(

  4. Camera function doesnt seem to work, otherwise good stuff...

  5. Thanks for the great video tutorial sir, I've already spread the words all over full sail.