August 25, 2011

Some updates

I’ve made some relatively minor updates to a few shaders, check the dates on the Downloads page.  I like to keep things fluid and make rapid changes back and forth.  Hopefully I’ll get some time to do a major pass on the Uber and Skin shaders soon.

I posted download links to a tool I made to simplify texturing at work a bit.  the lcTextrueSaver is an extension for Photoshop CS4 and 5 that creates a custom folder structure for your PSD and uses that structure to save out RGB+A ‘combinations’ such as Diffuse+Clip, Normals+Specular, etc.  It’s a tool mostly set up for the way we do texturing at my job but if you find it useful or inspiring run with it.

As a note on installing Photoshop extensions, make sure you run the Adobe Extension Manager as an Administrator in Windows. (Also I never test this stuff out on Mac so good luck to you guys)

I’ve been doing a lot of pyMel development, I’ll get around to releasing updated tools with these new skills.

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