September 17, 2011

New Shader Tools Update

I did some proof of concept work on the new shader and everything looks very positive.  In order to broaden compatibility support I’m co-developing a CGFX and HLSL shader.  They share most of their code by using #include files and are visually identical.  This way people with AMD cards etc. wont be complete out of luck, although Shader Model 3.0 support will always be required.

Here is a quick screen grab, on the left is HLSL on the right CGFX.


Still a long way to go before the shader is feature complete, and the new pyMel UI is another matter. 

This is a great time for Feature Requests, I have a ton of things planned, but I’m always open to suggestions.


  1. your tutorials on Vimeo really saved my work life! thank you! you are one mart cookie! the best, and most easy to understand ever! for real!

  2. Nice realtime shader. But which is faster/nicer CGFX or HLSL ?

  3. Hi, I have a problem with the shadow mapping, TexCoord2 missing under the shaders "Vertex Data" section, I'm sorry bad English.

  4. I found the entry in the shader, shadow mapping is deleted from the code, ahh:)
    I really like the shader, great:)

  5. I've not done any testing for speed on CGFX vs HLSL. They each have benefits and downsides revolving around how Autodesk has implemented them into Maya. The shaders, once released will be visually and functionally identical.

    @ssava - I'm hoping to add baked shadows back into the new version of the shader, it depends on how well i can get the baking to work (there are lots of artifacting problems)