October 27, 2011

lcReproject.cgfx–A Novel Texturing Technique


I was inspired by Brice Vandermoortele’s Normal Map Reprojection Shader and wanted to extend the idea to new uses.  This is a novel way of texturing using lit sphere images and cubemaps.  You can reproject color and normal textures to a new UV Set.

As a CGFX shader, only Nvidia cards will load this reliably, but I’ve added a arbfp1 technique that might work on AMD and older cards.  Cubemaps are lower quality and don’t have any blurring using this mode.


  1. You are a genius. very useful and easy texture creation directly in maya

  2. Wow, you're really hitting your stride, Leo! I wish I hadn't just installed an AMD card on my desktop; these new tools look super useful.

  3. Just wanted to say I am a big fan of your work. I just downloaded your Uber shader and I am giving it a go in Maya. The control is awesome and well thought out. I am just trying this out on a sphere right now with some temp maps but I will try this out on a full character soon. Thanks so much for the hard work and releasing your work for us artist to play around with! Peace-NickZ. :)

  4. Thank you for this amazing shader! is possible fake a SSS looking shader?

  5. Sorry for the double post,
    I tested it! i really love it! is amazing what you can do with this tools for save a lot of time drawing textures.

    here some recommendations :

    1. Disable reflections (in case the matcap isn't metalic)

    2. real time AO ( so you can combine your matcap + AO + Cubemap)

    3. Option to change the main border pink? color

    Im very happy with this shader, i waited for it from the first time i found your blog.

    Thank you for your great talent contribution to the community!

  6. many thxs amazing ans simple tool. a lost so many time baking metals in maya now i can make in seconds.will credit you in my mods.

  7. Awesome! These will come in handy, thanks dude!