December 24, 2011



Still BETA, but I’ve squashed some bugs and added some helpful features

  • Should deal with object names better, and namespaces from importing obj’s
  • Should no longer hang on occasion when relaxing or shrink wrapping
  • You can work in any selection mode, object, face, edge, vertex and use the Relax and Shrink-Wrap tools
  • Will keep your selection mode so you can continue editing components
  • Highlights the Object List red to remind you that you have no high-res selected

Still to do:
    Viewport 2.0 should(?) offer some speed boosts, especially when working with large high-res objects, but the method for layering the high and low res geo doesn’t work properly in VP2.0.  I need to come up with an updated method


  1. Wow this is great! You are a machine! Thanks

  2. Super and happy new year

  3. Hi, thanks for this script , I 'm a newbie can you tell me how to intall this script.

    Thanks again keep it up

  4. great helper tool for maya.. thanks Leonardo!