September 13, 2012


I’ve been asked about the shadow baking script I was working on.  It made it to the beta form you see here, but I’ve mostly abandoned this project.  The DirectX11 features previewed recently for Maya 2013 address many of my issues, so I’m waiting for that to release new shaders.

This tool is BETA, and I’ll offer NO SUPPORT – the workflow is very rigid, there are bugs.  Extract the ‘lct’ folder to your scripts directory (overwrite as necessary), check the README for run command.



  1. Click ‘Make CGFX’ and assign this shader as necessary – only the shader created using the tool can interact with it – no other shaders will work with this tool.
  2. Click ‘Make or Link Lights’ – this creates a directional light and 3 point lights that are automatically linked to the shaders – you adjust light properties through the light node itself – for point lights the intensity value = attenuation and may have to be set very high depending on your scene scale.
  3. For shadow baking, select ONE mesh and click ‘Setup UV’s’ – this creates a secondary UV set for all mesh’s that share the same shader.
  4. Mental Ray must be turned ON and available.
  5. To bake shadows - select ONE object and click one of the Bake buttons – this bakes shadows for any mesh’s that share the same shader – you do not need to specify a bake path unless you want to.


  1. Hello,
    I try to use your plugin, but I'm running Maya 2013 on Linux and I don't have (even after BonusTools installation) the

    I try to remove all hlsl* in your .py file, but it does not work... I'm not a dev, I'm juste a script kiddies ;-) (I wrote Some little bash script, never in Python).

    Can you tell me how fond the or how remove aall hlsl in you plug ?

    Thanks in advance, and excuse my broken english.

    PS : I love your Retopo script !!! Very usefull !

  2. you can try to comment out or remove line number 24:
    plugin.reloadPlugin('hlslShader', True)

    if that does not work, im sorry, im not developing this tool anymore