February 9, 2013

New LCT Scripts Package


I’ve updated the scripts package with new tools and a handy shelf that auto-populates with the scripts.

Here are the new additions:

This is an update to a Mel script I made previously.  It now sports a much smaller interface and handles pathing well.

An update to an old Mel script, now with less bugs.

This tool will let you hide one or more objects based on parts of their file name.  For example, and object named ‘polygon_sphere_geo’ can be hidden by typing the word ‘geo’ in the script window.

This tool lets you make image planes in the orthographic views quickly and can add a control curve to them so they can be moved and scaled.  No more using textured polyPlanes.

Another revision to an old Mel script.  This will rename your fileNodes based on the texture linked to it.  You can also reload all the textures in the scene or only those that have changed since you last reloaded.  You can also repath textures if you move project locations, and open textures in Photoshop.

Also included are the lcRetopoBasic and lcObjTools scripts.

Install Help Video: