May 29, 2015

Preview - lcTextureSaver 3.0

Everyone needs to code a Photoshop texture saver, right?
This update is mostly complete but there are some missing features and is currently only for CS6.

This tool will allow you to set up a template for how to layout your PSD and how to use that folder structure for export.

You need to define a template for your project. The Template Editor will help you do that.
Layer Groups are how the PSD is created. You set a Name, an initial visibility, and a base color. If you need to do multi-channel work you can activate R-G-B and A options. (when RGB is active, layer color should be set to None)
Export Sets are how the PSD is exported to TGA's. You set the Layer Group that should be Exported and can override the Alpha Channel for that TGA with another Layer Group. You can also have a custom suffix.
Templates are saved in your personal prefs folder (%appdata% on windows). These can be shared for a team workflow.
Now that you have a Template defined, you can create that PSD. You can choose the size you want too!

After working with your PSD you can export it. The Export window shows the Export Sets you defined in the template. Sets can be exported individualy or batched with the checkboxes and export selected button. You can also scale down by a factor with the resize option.
TGA's are always saved into the save location as the PSD you are working on. But you can also save a copy of the TGA to another location, just set the duplicate option!

Eventulay, the tool will allow the template to be saved into a PSD so a configuration is always available. Also I still need to wrap the tool for Photoshop CC using html5.

You can find this preview version on the Download page.

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